Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer time excitement

I’m so excited today!!!

In the morning, I found out that pair of my earrings - was featured in lovely collection “Back to School” by ZhivanaDesigns on the first page of ETSY site.

It is a very nice way to start the day :)

Later, I was so amused when I saw my shop included in daily “ETSY Finds” newsletter (Beach Jewelry section ) and I felt very proud of myself.

By the end of the day, wow, the same item (beaded crochet strand ) that was featured in the newsletter - now is shown on the first page – in “Mustard” collection by vintageprecious.

May be for people who are not on ETSY it sounds kind weird, but for me it means a lot.


I’m already working on photo gallery with photos of Beach Jewelry that I’m going to share very soon :) Pin It

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sea Pearl. The birth of a new is always a mystery.

It began from the moment my friend asked me to make her a ring. Her name is Alla, she has beautiful red hear, eyes full of passion.

Alla lives in the oldest city in Israel – Yaffa. Walls of her home were built many centuries ago and from the window there is a view to endless sea. This place is full of greatness and mystery.
The breath of the see and the whisper of the waves call you to go to the journey, towards something new and unknown. They call and fill you with determination, no matter what, to discover the Secret.

Standing on her balcony in the old city I could clearly see the pictures from my favorite movie "Pirates of the Caribbean". I like this movie very much, don't you? In this movie the life of main characters is full of adventures. Love, Loyalty, Faith and Courage all help to make a decision in difficult moment.

Something that gives courage to win a battle against the enemy, which seemed invincible, and in moments of despair helps to find strength to believe in your self and keep on going.

All that I felt, in the glamorous and passionate world of my friend, all that were clear signs of birth of a new.

Then, I began to see more often posters, telling about a new chapter of this great movie. In addition "as if by chance" I've got "Pirates' Cards", and this is another story, I'll just tell that the author of these cards is a searching, talented painter, bold and brave, but at the same time keeping common sense.

Life is a Great Mystery, which gives us presents every day. We should learn to see them and to except them with gratitude. This way, from small unconnected details of our reality, this ring was born.

I am proud to present – Sea Pearl – filled with breath of Life, warmth of Love and lust for adventures.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Front Page on Etsy

It's nice feeling to be on Front Page :) Sweet Dreams
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