Thursday, September 15, 2011

continuation of the dream

This pendant has appeared in my dream. Waking up in the morning, there was a feeling that the big part of me is still at the mercy of the sleep, and that part of the dream demanded its manifestation. Probably many of you know this feeling, to be driving by your dream.

The whole morning I couldn't concentrate on anything. Finally, like in the dream, I have choose colors of beads, took the wire, crochet and started crocheting.
I lost the sense of the time and I completely waked up only after the pendand was ready, lying in front of me on the table.

There couldn't be another name for my creation - I called it "The dream".  

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Prodigy Crafts said...

your pendant is so nice!!! I love it! Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

So beautiful dream!

Stacy Rajab said...

Wow -- so very pretty! The colors and craftsmanship is amazing!!

WindyCityKnits said...

Very beautiful! Our best ideas come from dreams!

Marie said...

Wow - the pendant is so beautiful! Great story, too.

Anonymous said...

Yes indeed, to be driven by one's own dream. To feel the hunger and yearning... to know that "I will make it".
What a meaningful piece of work Maria!