Monday, December 23, 2013

A new challenge for the beaders - Eyes of Owl DIY Beading tutorial

For me, writing is always a challenge and so is making a pattern.
So this time it comes together - this tutorial is for intermediate to advanced beaders.
Long time ago I made these earrings:

Eyes of Owl - dangle earrings

Later, I was asked by one of  my customers if I could make a pattern for it.
Well, it took me a while, actually, even longer  - but after all it was ready.
So about a week ago I just uploaded it to my etsy shop and I invite the beaders among you who is looking for a challenge - try making these earrings.

One more thing - I have decided that my patterns would be available for purchase and instant download also outside of etsy.
So yes - it can be purchased directly from this page !

And here is the first page with the required materials
click to zoom in

Let's us have a wonderful week !

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Frau Kali said...

Good work darling !!!

Online Fashion Jewelry Shopping said...

This Radiant Orchid drop dangle earrings are looking very expensive. I would buy it without giving it a second thought. My girlfriend will look amazing wearing this elegant earring. Thank you for sharing the picture.