Monday, May 23, 2011

Visiting Caesarea

This happened during Passover. The kids were visiting grandparents, so I and my husband could have some time to spend together.

The day was amazing – not too hot and not too cold, clouds and sun, rain that lasts for 3-5 minutes and disappears. I knew that there would be a great play of lights and shadows on the sea shore so we decided to visit Caesarea – the ancient port city.

Caesarea is a historical place, but I don’t know much about it. I know that it was one of the largest harbors in the Roman world and later it was a strategic place from the Crusaders.

Now days it is a popular tourist place with antique shops and restaurants overlooking the sea shore but you can still feel the power and the beauty of the ancient times.

As usual, when we travel, I try also to take pictures of the items I made. I just like a natural lighting.
This ring I named - "Sea Side" so there were no doubts where to take photos of it.

The atmosphere is so calming, so I enjoyed sitting on the bench and just watching play of lights on the horizon, where sky and the sea meet each other.

Before the sunset I wanted to take additional shots of my other item - the 7 gold lucky ring chocker.

And there is the sunset - I was amazed by the form of clouds - it was just like a giant bird spread its wings above the setting down sun.

A couple of minutes after the sunset.

In a moment the show is over, time to head home.

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Vitālijs said...

Great story!
Thank you!!!

lanadearg said...

very beautiful photos

Fine said...

Beautiful story!
Love it!

FleetingStillness said...

it's amazing!

Baymut said...

So interesting story!

Katrinshine said...

Very interesting!

AlexMOS said...

Thank you very much for such interesting story!

Frau Kali said...

Gorgeous sunset !

IrinaN said...

I wish I went there! seems like amazing place :)