Monday, June 13, 2011

A few words about RusTeam on Etsy

Etsy - it’s not only on-line marketplace, it is the whole world with its own unique life.

In this big cyber world there are a lot of communities, that are called teams, where people are getting together to help and support each other.

I would like to tell about one team, that I’m a proud member of it, with very special atmosphere – the RusTeam.

First of all, RusTeam is an international team, its members are from all around the world, but all are speaking Russian (it’s explains the team name). RusTeam reminds the big family.

The lightness, humor, honesty and the ability to discuss what is happening, not only on Etsy, but also in the personal life of each other, makes this team unique. There are of course, and disagreements and disputes, but mostly it's “warm and cozy”.

From time to time, we team members suggest to have some “team activity” and the ideas are very creative.

I want to tell you about one of such “team activities” we had in the middle of the last spring.

The idea was simple – to share our handicrafts between team members. I enjoyed it very much.


Tanya - Sock and Mittens

When you open a page of her store, you seem to get into the world that surrounds you with care and warmth. Knitted things, personally, remind me of my grandmother, a wise, loving and kind.

Despite the fact that I live in Israel, in a very warm climate, during the winter, especially in unheated apartments it is actually, very cold. So I chose a pair of warm socks. Should tell you that the socks were not just warm, they were so soft and fragrant, and radiated love. I remember that when I received it I have some time just hugging them as a teddy bear.

My part was to make a pair of Chocolate earrings, and it was  amused seeing them on Tanya's photo model.

Galya  - GalaFilc

Galina is very responsive person and it is very easy to communicate with her. In her works she reveals the beauty of simplicity, she is master of felting.

I like my long hair so I really wanted this felted barrette – “cherry blossoms” and Galya liked the bead woven hoop earrings.


Nadia - Mama Tita

Nadia is very talented! Excising of paper she creates vivid images. You can easily be convinced in that just by looking into her shop. For some time, I was watching for her cards – “Made with Love”.


So I got the cards and it was a pleasure for me to make a beaded beads necklace and pair of wonderful earrings  for Nadia.

Actually, I would like to tell more about Nadia’s cards, but it would be a different post.

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blueberrycream said...

Great team!

woolsolution said...

Very nice blog post! I couldn't agree more - we have a wonderful team!

SocksAndMittens said...

Love your post and thank you so much for the exchange! I am glad you like our socks; I love your earrings so much!

Anonymous said...

Magical stories, thank you!

GalaFilc said...

Hi! I like my bead woven hoop earrings. Regards from sunny Poland )))

Natalka Pavlysh said...

I agree too! We have a wonderful team with beautiful artists and their works just amazing!