Wednesday, June 15, 2011

How do I buy on Etsy and do get discounts!

Yesterday, I got a message from one of my customers, who made an order but is wondering how she can get a promised 20% off as fan of my shop fan page. Well, I told her that she needs to use provided coupon code during check out to receive relevant discount.

I was so surprised that, yes it is very easy to miss the part when the coupon code could be used.

Thus, I decided to create a short manual for Etsy buyers. It is not a complete guide and probably does not cover all situations but I just want customers enjoy the discounts easily.

Let’s say you liked some item in the shop and you want to buy it.

Great! Just press [Add to Cart] button

Step 1

Now you need to choose the payment method (if there are several options) and click on  [Proceed to Checkout] if you want to finish the purchase or click on [Keep Shopping] on the right to continue shopping.

Step 2

Let's say you proceeded to checkout, now it depends on payment method. In my case the customer choose the "other method" of payment so she needed to enter the shipping address.

Step 3 (in case of "other" type of payment)

Now it is time to use the coupon, on the right click on Apply shop coupon code:

Step 4

 After you applied the coupon code you will see the discount value:

Step 5
Now, you can submit your order

Step 6

Dear customer, enjoy your discounts and I hope this manual makes it much easier.

Maria Pin It

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Frau Kali said...

Oh darling, great manual. I recall that time that you needed to explain to me by phone... That was tough.